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Women's Empowerment School

Aug 13, 2018

As women, we have a lot to overcome in the process of reclaiming our power. Not only are we fighting the biases of people around us, we also have to overcome our own subconscious belief that power is inherently male. How do we go about rewiring our brains and empowering ourselves to take control of our lives?

On this episode of Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia is tackling the topic of power. She shares her expanded definition of power to include an influence over our own behavior and thinking in addition to the behavior of others. Sylvia encourages us to consider the power dynamic between the male and female adults we grew up with and the way we have been hardwired to associate power with men.

Sylvia covers powerful female figures in history, discussing how Roman historians portrayed Cleopatra and why the idea of a powerful woman as unnatural and dangerous persists to this day. Listen in for insight on what it means to be empowered and learn Sylvia’s 5-step process for reclaiming your power—starting right now!

Topics Covered

The definition of power as the capacity to direct and influence behavior/events

Sylvia’s expanded definition of power to include our own behavior and thinking

How we discover the joyful experience of power as small children

The impact of observing the power distribution between our mothers and fathers

How the family power dynamic may or may not align with that of society/culture

How we are hardwired to believe that power is inherently male

Why powerful women are perceived as unnatural, dangerous and perverse

The definition of empower as giving someone the strength to control their lives

Sylvia’s 5 steps to empower yourself

  1. Gender neutralize concept of power
  2. Declare: ‘It is natural, it is safe for me to reclaim my power’
  3. Collect evidence of power in writing (minimum of 30 days)
  4. Set goals to expand power
  5. Go for goals in supported way

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