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Women's Empowerment School

Apr 23, 2019

Easter is an ideal time to feed your soul with the message of hope and abundance. To let go of what’s gotten in your way and remind yourself of the ambitions you may have abandoned. To reexamine the big goals you are pursuing and breathe new life into your dreams.

Today, Sylvia is sharing the history of Easter, explaining why and how the date was chosen by the church. She discusses the springtime Pagan festivals celebrating the end of darkness and scarcity and honoring the goddess Ostara, an image of the power to give birth to new life.

Sylvia goes on to explore the egg as a symbol of the sun and the hope of new life as well as the rabbit as a sign of renewal and abundance. Listen in for Sylvia’s challenge around breathing new life into your big goals and learn how to drop an outdated mindset and pursue your forgotten dreams!

Topics Covered

The history of the Easter celebration and how the date was chosen

The Pagan festivals that celebrated the end of darkness + scarcity

How the goddess Ostara represents fertility and new life

How eggs serve as a symbol of hope and new life in the world

Why the church integrated Pagan festivals into Christian rituals

The rabbit’s role in representing new life, hope and abundance

Sylvia’s challenge around breathing new life into your goals

Dropping an outdated mindset to pursue your forgotten dreams

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