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Women's Empowerment School

Aug 1, 2019

How would you change as a leader if you allowed yourself to be truly empowered? What if you used your mental intelligence, discipline and willpower in concert with your emotional intelligence and ability to connect deeply with others? What if true power and fulfillment comes from aligning with the feminine AND masculine aspects of yourself?

Today, Sylvia challenges us to reconnect with BOTH sides of our power, integrating everything in us that is beautifully female AND beautifully male. She introduces the patriarchal definition of power, describing how it devalues emotional intelligence and diminishes connection with each other and with spirit.

Sylvia goes on to explain why so many leaders who appear to have ‘made it’ are secretly unhappy and unfulfilled, discussing how the patriarchy gets its power from the disconnect in us and between us. Listen in for Sylvia’s journal prompts to explore your existing ideas around power and learn how to liberate yourself from the patriarchy, leveraging ALL of who you are to be successful, healthy and joyful!

Topics Covered

Questions to explore around the idea of power

  1. How do you define power?
  2. When are you standing in your power?
  3. How does it feel to be powerful?
  4. Where do your ideas about power come from?

The components of power as defined by the patriarchy

  1. Mental intelligence
  2. Discipline to push limits
  3. Personal willpower

How the patriarchy devalues emotional intelligence

The danger in cutting off the female side of power

How the archetype of the lonely hero confines men

How to reconnect to BOTH sides of your power

  • Use emotions as guiding system
  • Align male + female aspects of self

How the patriarchy gets its power from disconnect

Why being joyful is a patriarchy-defying act

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