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Women's Empowerment School

Jul 1, 2019

We have created a working culture where there is only space for Superwomen. So, we adopt an attitude of whatever-it-takes, leveraging the patriarchal strategies of dominance to reach our goals. And in the short-term, this approach is effective at getting results. But in the long-term, it kills the joy we have for our work, it kills the connections between us, our creativity and vitality—and in some cases, it even kills us.

Today, Sylvia challenges us to explore how the patriarchy influences the strategies we use to pursue our goals. She explains how we have assumed the guise of Superwomen to cope with a corporate culture designed for men by men, adopting dominance, hustling and efforting to get things done—at the expense of our health and wellbeing.

Sylvia also weighs in on the research around the arousal threshold, describing how men and women differ in terms of motivation and why leaders need to adapt their communication style accordingly. Listen in for insight on reframing vulnerability and authenticity as the strengths that they are and learn how we can drop our capes and bring our whole selves to work!

Topics Covered

How the patriarchy influences the strategies we use to pursue goals

How Superwomen cope with working in a culture designed for men

How suffering from Superwoman Syndrome impacts our health

The strategies of dominance, hustle + efforting to get things done

Why patriarchal strategies work short-term but aren’t sustainable

Reframing vulnerability and authenticity as the strengths they are

The differences between men and women in terms of motivation

The significance of bringing our whole selves to our work

Sylvia’s invitation to drop our capes and feel safe being ourselves

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