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Women's Empowerment School

Aug 6, 2018

Do you ever feel like the Ugly Duckling? Like something is off about the environment you’re working in? What if we could create inclusive workplaces where everyone felt like a Swan most of the time? Where we could use our intuition AND manage a spreadsheet? Where everyone felt safe enough to speak up?

Kristin Engvig is the founder and CEO of the WINConference, a globally recognized network and resource for women working internationally. A prominent thought leader in the evolution of the female leadership journey, Kristin created WIN to inspire women worldwide in becoming agents of possibility and to bring a more feminine, global and sustainable vision into the workplace and the world at large.

On the inaugural episode of Women’s Empowerment School, Kristin sits down with Sylvia to share the origin story of WIN and explain how the principles of inclusiveness and choice inspired her to start the organization. Kristin discusses the art of creating a world through the WINConference, the criteria for its partners and corporate sponsors, and the depth of relationships cultivated at the event. She also offers insight on maintaining a state of mindfulness and managing energy effectively in the midst of a busy, global lifestyle. Listen in for Kristin’s take on the evolution of companies as women AND men wake up to the urgency of a world that values generosity, caring and empathy—and learn how to fight for a world that works for everyone!  

Topics Covered

Kristin’s aim to inspire women in becoming ‘agents of possibility’

The pivotal moment when Kristin understood the power of choice

How feeling like ‘the Ugly Duckling’ inspired Kristin to create WIN

Kristin’s insight on fighting for a world that works for everyone

Kristin’s holistic approach to curating a world at the WINConference

Kristin’s take on the current trends toward diversity and inclusion

Why Kristin advocates for an empathetic approach to business

How WINConference sponsors demonstrate a commitment to sustainability

The depth of relationships created at the WINConference

How Kristin’s profound dedication to purpose energizes her

How Kristin manages her energy in the midst of extensive travel

Kristin’s insight on living in a state of mindfulness

How companies are evolving as more women are empowered

The value of meeting as physical beings in a common space

The urgency around making space for generosity, caring and empathy

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