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Women's Empowerment School

Oct 31, 2018

When faced with a difficult situation or problem, we resist. We get stuck in victimhood, anger and resentment. So, how do we rescue ourselves from struggle and overwhelm?

What if I told you it’s possible to bring yourself back into power with just ONE question?

Today on the podcast, Sylvia explores the idea that what you resist persists, explaining her own recent personal experience with a difficult set of circumstances around her parents’ health and her changing business. She describes the connection between perception and experience, discussing the necessity of shifting out of resistance to an open-minded, solution-focused state.

Sylvia walks us through several iterations of the question she leveraged to reconnect with her inner wisdom, encouraging you to find the one that resonates with you—or create your own. Listen in to understand the insights Sylvia gained via this technique and learn how your sense of freedom and power is just one question away!

Topics Covered

The understanding that what you resist persists

Sylvia’s recent personal experience with resistance

The connection between perception and experience

Shifting from resistance to a solution-focused state

Questions to bring you back into your power

  • What is right about this?
  • What is the gift in this I haven’t unwrapped?
  • What is the pearl in this pile of dirt?
  • What beauty wants to be discovered here?
  • In what way is this situation protecting me?
  • In what way is this serving me?
  • How do I need to look at this to be happy?

How Sylvia leveraged this technique in recent months

How your sense of freedom is only one question away

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