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Women's Empowerment School

Sep 17, 2018

When you come across a seemingly inspiring meme on social media, it is tempting to hit ‘share’ and watch the ‘likes’ pile up without stopping to question whether the concept or idea is truly empowering. Do these perceived truths really motivate us? Or do they create an illusion of perfection that sabotages our success?

Today on Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia addresses a listener request to discuss self-love and its impact on our relationships. She dismantles the popular meme, ‘You have to love yourself first before you can love someone else,’ explaining why she is taking a stand against it and how loving others first helped her develop compassion for herself.

Sylvia covers the three structures of truth, giving examples of each and describing the price we pay for sharing memes in the absence of discerning discussion. She also speaks to the illusion of connection that is nurtured by the viral spread of memes on social media. Listen in to understand the value of questioning memes and learn how to initiate thoughtful conversation when you share these ‘truths’ online and in the real world!

Topics Covered

Why Sylvia is taking a stand against the ‘love yourself first’ meme

Sylvia’s definition of a meme as a concept or idea that sounds true

How the grammatical structure of a meme creates an illusion of truth

Sylvia’s insight on Gandhi’s ‘be the change’ meme

How loving others unconditionally empowered Sylvia to love herself

How our brains are wired to make self-love more difficult

The three structures of truth

  1. True in one moment, not true in different moment
  2. True for one not true for all
  3. True while opposite is true as well

The price we pay for unquestioned memes in terms of polarization

How sharing memes on social media creates the illusion of connection

Sylvia’s invitation to question memes and initiate real discussion

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