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Women's Empowerment School

Jun 10, 2019

Do you struggle with self-doubt? Are you worried people will find out you’re a fraud? Do you have a hard time internalizing success? If you feel incompetent and inadequate, despite ample evidence to the contrary, you have a serious case of imposter syndrome. The good news is, there is a remedy that will help you examine that negative self-talk and transform your inner critic into an inner cheerleader!

Dr. Emee Vida Estacio is a chartered psychologist, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and life and leadership coach. She earned her BA in psychology from the University of the Philippines and her master’s and PhD from City, University of London. Emee spent 10 years in academia, lecturing at Keele University in the realm of Community, Health and Positive Psychology. In 2017, she founded The PAME Code to support high-achieving professionals in overcoming imposter syndrome and unlocking their full potential. Emee is also the author of the three-book Psychology in Your Life Series: Change Your Life for Good, Imposter Syndrome Remedy and Fear is Not My Enemy.

Today, Emee joins Sylvia to share the personal struggle with self-doubt that triggered her passion to help others embrace their worth. She introduces the definition of imposter syndrome, describing the TLC technique she developed to explore your inner critic rather than fight it. Emee and Sylvia also walk us through several examples of harmful self-talk, discussing how to reframe performance-interfering thoughts to become performance-enhancing. Listen in for Emee’s insight on overcoming imposter syndrome and learn to leverage her PAME Code to pursue a purposeful, fulfilling life!

Topics Covered

Emee’s background and education in health psychology

What triggered Emee’s passion to help people embrace their true worth

Emee’s personal struggle with self-worth after becoming a mom

Emee’s PAME Code for living a fulfilling life

  • Purpose
  • Action
  • Momentum
  • Energy

How Emee defines imposter syndrome

  • Persistent feeling of self-doubt, incompetence + inadequacy
  • Despite evidence that proves otherwise

Emee’s TLC technique for exploring your inner critic

  1. Is it TRUE?
  2. Is it LOGICAL?

The value in working through TLC with a trusted friend, mentor or coach

Reframing performance-interfering thoughts as performance-enhancing

Emee’s caveat that structural change requires collective action

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Change Your Life for Good: Rediscover Your Best Self and Find Happiness Within by Dr. Emee Vida Estacio

Fear is Not My Enemy: Retrain Your Brain to Unlock Your Courage to Dream, Dare and Live by Dr. Emee Vida Estacio

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